We Are Educators

Being a good software developer does not prepare you to teach development. The Turing staff blends computer programming experience with years of classroom instruction. No other team can match our depth of expertise and on-the-ground instructional experience.


  • Is skilled in education pedagogy with over 30 years of aggregate classroom experience.
  • Builds on lessons learned from creating both Hungry Academy and gSchool.
  • Trains professional development teams at top technology companies like LivingSocial, Boeing, Accenture, and Sony Playstation.
  • Contributes to the community, presenting at and helping organize RubyConf, RailsConf, JSConf and dozens of smaller conferences.
  • Is committed to making our program inviting and accessible to a broad range of people, regardless of academic background, professional background, age, race, gender, gender identification or sexual orientation.


Turing The Difference Teacher

Turing The Difference Students on Laptops

Everything You Need to Become Successful

No other software development program approaches the depth of expertise our students develop. Beyond simple Rails applications, our students master Test-Driven Development, build and consume APIs, implement systems of coordinating applications, and understand strong Object-Oriented design.


  • Has been refined over the past five years of full-time teaching.
  • Includes everything a developer needs to build professional-quality web applications.
  • Teaches the principles behind the code.
  • Is published as open source, benefitting the community beyond our walls
"I am drawn to the social justice mission of Turing to increase opportunities for underrepresented groups in the programming world. I chose to continue my career here because I believe that programming can be a new frontier for social change, and Turing is leading the way." Allison Reu Singer, Student Experience Manager
"Turing is unique in it's ability and willingness to change. There's nothing held sacred: if we come up with a better way, a better idea, it's put into practice that day. There's no waiting around for the ‘right time’ - that allows us to evolve at an incredible speed." Jeff Casimir, Executive Director
"Turing School is harder than any other development school. It promises and consistently delivers mid-level developers who know how to code, communicate about code, understand how to share responsibilities as a team, and respect different cultural backgrounds in the workplace." Romeeka Gayhart, Instructor

72% of Graduates are employed within 180 days.


Graduates earn $70,000 median Salary.


96% graduate within 150% of Program length.

We Train Professional Developers

Our seven-month instructional program is carefully crafted to prepare high-aptitude individuals for careers as software developers. Succeed in our program and you won’t just be an intern, you’ll be valuable.


  • Consistently outperform graduates from other developer training programs.
  • Typically have a full-time software developer job with a salary in the range of $65K-$115K.
  • Find employment in their top-choice destinations including Denver/Boulder, SF, NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, DC, Portland, Dallas, internationally, and remote.
  • Are hired at companies like CaptainU, Trelora, Pivotal Labs, thoughtbot, LivingSocial, Mondo Robot, EverFi, iTriage, TurboVote, Quick Left, the National Park Service, TableXI, and Techstars, among others.

Turing School is a founding member of the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting.

2016 Student Outcomes Report  

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