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Our staff embody a deep commitment to social change and unprecedented blend of teaching and programming expertise.


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Our mentors are expert software developers that are passionate about building up your skills.


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Hilary Denton


Turing Graduate. Software Developer at WellMatch. Currently working with Ruby on Rails and Ember / Ember CLI.

Ian Douglas


20-year industry web dev veteran. Specialist in microservice architecture, scalability and availability. Developer Relations Lead at GetStream.io.

Sean Griffin


Primary maintainer of Active Record. Top 15 all time contributor to Ruby on Rails. Software Developer at Shopify.

Jan Koszewski


Hungry Academy grad. Experience in performance, APIs and security. Software Engineer at LivingSocial.

Christopher Moeller


Self-taught software developer. Experience working with Ruby on Rails, Elixir and React. Software Engineer at Chargify.

Jonah Moses

New Relic

Entrepreneur turned developer. Experience in business management, sales, and e-commerce. Software Engineer at New Relic.

Jason Noble


Top 45 contributor to Ruby on Rails. BS in Computer Science from the University of Idaho. Software Development Manager at Comverge.

Rick Rein


Former Marine. Self-taught programmer. Currently designing and developing new custom products at Akamai.

Matt Rogers


Jekyll core team member. Open source junkie. Worked at McAfee, Hireology and ACTIVENetwork. Senior Software Engineer at LivingSocial.

Ryan Tyer


Director of Engineering at Cloudability and the founder of Trunk Limited. World traveler. Fan of guitar. Can order croissants in multiple languages.
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Turing Fellows are visiting industry leaders that share with our students the latest software development practices and technology.

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Ben Orenstein


Ben loves traveling light, wearing wool, and sharing what he knows about programming. He works at thoughtbot in Boston, and hosts the Giant Robots Podcast. He is also a fervent vim evangelist.
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Jeff Casimir Founder Turing School
"Turing is unique in it's ability and willingness to change. There's nothing held sacred: if we come up with a better way, a better idea, it's put into practice that day. There's no waiting around for the ‘right time’ - that allows us to evolve at an incredible speed." Jeff Casimir, Executive Director
"I am drawn to the social justice mission of Turing to increase opportunities for underrepresented groups in the programming world. I chose to continue my career here because I believe that programming can be a new frontier for social change, and Turing is leading the way." Allison Reu Singer, Student Experience Manager
"Turing School is harder than any other development school. It promises and consistently delivers mid-level developers who know how to code, communicate about code, understand how to share responsibilities as a team, and respect different cultural backgrounds in the workplace." Romeeka Gayhart, Instructor
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Job Openings

Are you interested in being a mentor, an instructor or a fellow?
Join our team of driven, passionate and high-performing people and start making a difference.


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Board Members

Our Board is made up of recognized leaders in software development, business and education.


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Ingrid Alongi

Chairwoman of the Board

CEO-Consulting, QuickLeft: Ingrid brings experience with both interactive agencies and venture-funded start ups. She is committed to providing job stability for software engineers, and focuses on innovative, interesting and challenging work. With deep roots in the Colorodo technology community and many years experience as both a developer and leader, Ingrid is tasked with overseeing the long-run vision and trajectory of Turing.

Yong Bakos

Turing Board Vice-Chair

Professor & Vice Chair, SMU's Center of Creative Computation: Yong is a professional software engineer by trade and spent six years teaching at the Colorado School of Mines before joining SMU. He is able to provide a rare perspective combining both higher-ed and technical experience.

John Dowd

Turing Board Secretary

Navy Veteran, Developer, Business Owner: John spent years as a Navy SEAL before becoming a software developer. Over the years he's taught himself the ins-and-outs of programming supported by attending several Jumpstart Lab training classes. Now John runs his own development company building tools to support the armed forces. For Turing, John leads our initiatives to recruit, train, support, and place veterans in great development careers.

Kareem Grant

Turing Board Treasurer

Developer, Hireology: Kareem has an MBA from NYU, several years experience as a business consultant, and graduated from our first developer training class in Denver. He's gone on to work as a developer at CardFlight and recently joined the engineering team at Hireology. Kareem brings valuable perspective as an alumnus, developer, and experienced business expert.

Chad Fowler

Chief Technology Officer, 6Wunderkinder

Chad was the catalyst in co-creating Hungry Academy at LivingSocial, the program that eventually evolved into Turing. Chad is well known as a conference speaker and organizer, his books like "The Passionate Programmer" have helped to shape a generation of software developers. As an expert developer, team leader, and software coach, Chad helps ensure Turing is delivering a world-class education.

Roz Lemieux

CEO at Attentive.ly, Partner at Fission Strategy

Roz has spent many years in technology-driven community organizing in roles like the Executive Director of the New Organizing Institute, founding partner at Fission Strategy, and now building Attentive.ly. With deep experience running both small-businesses and non-profits, Roz helps Turing chart a path to long-run sustainability while following through on our non-profit mission.

Dave Thomas

Co-Founder, The Pragmatic Bookshelf

Dave opened Ruby to the English-speaking world with his book "Programming Ruby" and changed thousands of careers with "The Pragmatic Programmer". From there, he co-founded The Pragmatic Bookshelf publishing company which has gone on to publish the top-choice books for dozens of technologies. Dave has spent hundreds of hours coaching other developers in the classroom and on the job. For Turing, Dave helps ensure the curricula and programs keep an eye on the larger industry trends and are ready for what's coming next.

Randall Thomas

Founder/CEO, Thunderbolt Labs

Perhaps best known for his community building efforts, Randall is a legend in the Ruby community. With over 20 years experience as a developer, Randall's written everything from massive epidemic simulations to software launched into space. He has extensive experience in numerous programming languages, building meaningful brands among programmers, and running enterprise-scale software projects. For Turing, Randall helps set direction on reaching our target student audiences while keeping the curricula grounded in real-world needs.

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