Ryan’s an athlete.

He played basketball in college and majored in sports administration. He enjoyed college but didn’t really think about the end game.

After college, Ryan fell in love. He got married and had two beautiful children. He wanted to pursue a doctorate in physical therapy but life got in the way. He knew taking 3-4 years to complete a doctorate program would be hard on everyone.

Instead, Ryan did everything to support his family. He drove Uber and worked as a personal trainer.

One day, Ryan picked up a rider that started talking about how he was attending a 7-month computer programming school in Denver and will be a hired as a full-time developer at the end of his training. Ryan was skeptical, but his passenger continued to talk about how creative and collaborative programming has become.

As the rider left the vehicle he gave Ryan a few online resources to check out.

Ryan was excited. He started completing online tutorials and enjoyed the challenge. He knew that in order to pursue a career as a developer he was going to need something more than an online program, so he did what anyone would do; Googled 7-month computer programming schools in Denver.

What he found was a handful of schools in Denver that offered programs. Ryan did his homework, researching them all. He found Turing, read about it and decided to take the leap.

Ryan completed the initial application process and was asked in for an interview, he declined. There was no way he could exit the workforce for 7 months and still support his family.

Time passed and one day, Ryan picked up a passenger who immediately started raving about this programming school she was attending called Turing. Ryan said that he had applied but that he couldn’t attend because of financial reasons. The Turing student told Ryan that he should just go to the interview and just check it out.

He was accepted.

While he was at Turing, Ryan’s wife took on a full-time job. They cut expenses but they were still struggling to make ends meet. When the Turing staff knew about his situation, the school provided him a monthly stipend to help support his family during the program.

Ryan graduated and is now working as a full-time web developer at Denver company CaptainU.

You may have heard a story similar to this one before.

To us, these stories never get old.

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This story is really inspiring!
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