9 Reasons Coding is for Everyone

From Fisher Price’s new Code-A-Pillar toy, to coding bootcamps springing up all over the country, to “Hour of Code,” the initiative to get all kids coding, it seems like coding and learning to code are everywhere. You might be asking - Can I be a programmer? How can I learn to code? Maybe you’re intrigued - you think coding sounds fun or cool but you’re not a “computer nerd,” or you’re not mathematical enough or you don’t have a Computer Science degree or or or…STOP! Coding as a career is absolutely an option for you, and I’ll tell you why. Keep reading. 1: You can literally make anything that lives on the web Think about how many times you used the internet today. When you woke up, you turned off your alarm (on your phone), scrolled through your Facebook and Twitter feeds, then got out of bed. Over breakfast, you posted a picture of your latte on Instagram, booked parking on SpotHero, checked off some to-dos on Habitica. Before you left, you put on your Fitbit and set your thermostat to away - on your phone. On your way to work, there was more traffic than usual, so you opened up your maps app, turned on traffic, and rerouted your commute to get to work on time. All that before 8 am! Maybe you use a CRM at work, and you definitely use some kind of word processing, data entry, or publishing software. You probably use the cloud to store some if not all of what you produce in an average work day. ALL of those applications and websites were created by a team of programmers using code. When you got home, you relaxed with some games, or funny videos on YouTube. Again, (you guessed it) you used something made...
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