How to Be Successful in Module One (from the Repeater)

In February, I started a program at Turing School of Software and Design to become a software developer. After experiencing the professional world for a few years, I was desperately ready for a change. I stumbled onto Turing through fate (and through a panel geared towards women interested in learning to code), and the rest is history. Or is it? While in module 1, I realized that I was not ready to move onto module 2 like the rest of my classmates. I could give you a million excuses as to why I was not ready, but the reality is that this is extremely hard stuff and not everyone is going to understand it all the first time. So I decided to repeat module 1, and from that experience, I created a few tips for repeating or incoming students on how to be successful at Turing: 1. Understand your Environment Turing is chock-full of students looking for something different. Most people don't attend Turing when things are going awesome in their lives. This school is a path to new, life-changing careers. Remember that not everyone came from the same place you did, but the motivations for change are very similar. 2. Don’t Disregard the Experience of Others Because you do not know everyone’s background, you do not know their experiences. To the eye, someone could seem to be less experienced or less worldly, but never discredit where that person has been. I have met so many people that I assume come from a certain background and upon further conversation, they are not who I thought at first (they are always better) . There are people of all ages and socio-economic statuses, and you cannot tell that from looking at them. Embrace the group interactions that are forced upon you. It...
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