Lessons Learned from Module One

This post originally appeared on Beth's personal blog on November 23, 2015, which you can find here . Last week I finished Module 1 at Turing. It was challenging and stressful, but overall a lot of fun. I learned so much in six weeks; I did not think it was possible to learn that much in such a short amount of time. I love my cohort, everyone is so excited to learn and help each other out. On Saturday, I met one of the new members of the next cohort. She asked for any advice I had for her to prepare. I told her to cram as much studying in this week as possible, because the more you know beforehand the better. Her question made me reflect more on what advice I would give to other new students, so here it is: Breathe, just breathe. There will be so much thrown at you on a daily basis, there’s nothing you can do to prepare yourself for the onslaught. You will be fine. It will seem like you can’t get the project done in three days, but then you will find yourself finishing the last iteration on Wednesday night. Spend at least two hours a week studying something that’s not homework or project related. I wish I had done this, but instead I focused all my time on projects. Attend some extracurricular activities. Do it! Pairing is not scary or annoying, and it’s so much fun as long as you communicate well. I was scared to start pairing because I was afraid I wouldn’t be as fast as my partner or that I wouldn’t be able to problem solve as well with someone constantly next to me watching me type. First, you need to “define the relationship” (DTR). Tell them what...
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