This Couple's Best Decision? Code School.

My name is Rhonda and I am a former television producer, host producer, video editor, and copywriter. I was doing cable broadcasting but was always interested in internet broadcasting, coding, robotics, and cryptocurrency. I actually started in computer science and transitioned out of that and into my career route, but I was always interested in the tech side of the work that I did and wanted to branch out. That was a huge motivator for me to really explore coding and what I could do with it. I found Turing through a co-worker of mine who actually left the company we were working for to go to a coding school. I actually had two co-workers that left our company to go to coding schools. So I was doing research on coding schools that were local and found Turing. I was like “Wow, this is awesome! I don’t have to go to a 4 year school or go back to college in order to pursue something that I’ve wanted to do for so long.” Plus I just really liked the mission and style of the curriculum -- with the separate back-end and front-end. It was just a matter of choosing which one I wanted to go for. Then I talked with Will about it. We were both researching different schools. There were some strictly online programs that we were looking into so we could go to school and work at the same time. But it was also a matter of: do we want to throw ourselves into this fully and be completely dedicated to coding, or have to balance work and school. We did our research, talked about it, and went to a “Try Coding” that weekend. I thought: if I don’t just pursue it now, I’m not going to pursue...
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Two Instructors Who Change Lives Through Coding

I just moved to Denver from Boston... I was previously in engineering positions and I’m now an instructor on the Front-End Team and also the Technical Lead. Before Turing, I was working at the New York Times and also at Mozilla doing engineering work. I previously worked in media very frequently. I was a journalism major so I really liked working in industries that were a little bit outside of tech. One thing that’s great about being an engineer is that every industry needs them. The most recent project that I worked on at my last position at Mozilla was really exciting…. We were starting to build some applications and some internal tooling for doing A/B testing in Firefox, the browser. We would have developers who were using Firefox regularly and would sign-up for the experimental features. It’s similar to people using Chrome: they might use Canary to get the latest, most experimental features. And when we had people sign up for these, we wanted to A/B test for new features and new experiments for them. So we had to set up a lot of internal tooling that would actually push these experiments to particular users. Getting that little sample set of users that we wanted - to push these experiments to and making sure we blocked out the other ones - was pretty challenging. We definitely sent out a bunch of experiments that maybe we shouldn’t have - haha! But they were really interesting problems we were trying to solve with that project. But my position at Mozilla was a little bit too meta: being at a tech company working on tech. I really found the education aspect of Turing really appealing. I’ve been teaching for just a couple months now and a couple things that stand out to...
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