Hands Off the Mouse!

As a newcomer to the world of programming, I was somewhat reluctant to learn keyboard shortcuts. Using hot keys and being able to “type quickly” as I saw it seemed like finishing touches to my education rather than the keys to its success. As I’ve become more comfortable with code, shortcuts have become a way of personalizing my workflow, and something I’d encourage everyone who is new to developing to learn and learn quickly. Thus far in my education as a developer, workflow has been highly emphasized. That’s because it's actually pretty important to know your way around the keyboard. Constantly arrowing one key at a time around my code and manually searching a Rails project for a certain file not only takes time, but it takes your head out of the problem you’re trying to solve. After finally realizing the importance of what I was once so reluctant to learn, I’ve adopted some favorite shortcuts that I would encourage every developer to learn. Below I will go through a list of my favorite shortcuts, as well as ones I am still incorporating into my workflow. Keep in mind that these will be specific to my text editor, atom, and the browser I use most often, Chrome. Across different applications these shortcuts may vary so double check if you use something else. GitHub Shortcuts: These are not shortcuts I started out with, but ones I am learning. Anywhere on GitHub you can type: in order to see all handy shortcuts available on github. Keep in mind some of these are only available within a specific repo while some are sitewide. Take a look at some of these and try to incorporate them into your Git workflow. Chrome Shortcuts: Chrome is another area in which I am still working on improving...
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