How to Solve Communication Gaps Between Developers & Customer Support

In a prior life, before entering the world of software development, I worked for on the Customer Success Team. I had many responsibilities related to WeddingWire’s paying advertisers, one of which was reporting site bugs and/or client product feedback to the development team. From that experience, I know that there can be significant gaps in the communication between a development team and a service team at tech companies. Though easier said than done, I believe development teams and developers themselves should make a greater effort to proactively minimize those gaps, and I want to present an example scenario in which WeddingWire’s development team could have helped me perform my job more effectively. Have you seen the skit where a developer is asked to “draw seven red lines, all of them strictly perpendicular, some with green ink and some with transparent ink”? (If not, check it out ). The point is though, it can be really challenging for developers to work with folks who don’t develop. Be it a product manager, customer service rep, or even company leadership, sometimes people simply don’t know what they’re asking for. Still, I find that sketch particularly humorous because, having been on the other side of the equation, I know it only paints half the picture. Here’s the thing guys and gals: it ain’t rainbows and sunshine working with developers either. As a Customer Success Manager at WeddingWire, the hardest part of my job was handling angry or upset clients. You’d be amazed what sets people off, like not being able to add custom music to a slideshow tool (hello, copyright infringement!), or a competitor showing up above them in search results (the competitor is paying five times what you’re paying to get that placement, so...). These complaints can be handled fairly easily, but...
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