About Me

As a software developer, I love using web technology to find innovative solutions to everyday problems. The process of starting a program and chipping away at it to make a readable, concise, and effective piece of software is both challenging and rewarding. I embrace the opportunity to continuously learn while simultaneously improving processes for both future developers and end users.

GitHub Profile

Looking For

Full Stack opportunities with a chance to continue learning new technologies. Good workflow and communication.

Best At

  • JavaScript
  • Ruby/Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL
  • RESTful API's
  • OOP
  • Git

Preferred Locations

  • Denver, Colorado
  • Remote
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My Projects

Active Designer


Active Designer is a gem that allows a user to easily create a visual format of their Active Record schema.rb file for an SQL database. With just one command from the command line, it creates an HTML file in the root of the user’s Ruby project. Active Designer is an easy to use Visual Interface that opens locally in the browser and works offline to CRUD tables and columns!

My Areas of Focus

This project was a really fun way to learn how to use some new technologies. Starting with it being a published Ruby Gem with an executable file to run different commands. From there I am mostly using JavaScipt to do this project.  A complex schema is represented in Local Storage as a JSON object. I then use that schema object to create a visualized format of the project. jsPlumb is used to make the tables draggable, and for drawing connections.

TRELORA Appointments


Takes in scheduled appointments through Google’s calendar api and then displays them on a map using Google’s maps api. The appointments are sorted by date and employee so that a new appointment can be scheduled easily. This application uses JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Google Calendar Api, Google Map Api, TRELORA's internal Api, jQuery, and Mocha. 

My Areas of Focus

This was a group project with Chad Ellison. Over the course of this project I was responsible for making the Api's work in addition to writing the JavaScript to display and manipulate the data on the page. I also handled consuming the Google Calendar Api by our Rails app and then serving up the data with our own API endpoints.



While at Turing, students have the chance to choose different posses that suit their interest. I joined Pahlka posee named after Jennifer Pahlka which focused on civic tech. I was a member for three modules and lead for one of those mods. While I was leading Pahlka the focus was on producing a working app that could give users the ability to find the right neighborhood for them. They would enter three adresses and based upon travel time from Denver's seventy-eight official neighborhoods they would be returned the top three neighborhoods.

My Areas of Focus

Leading entire group, during work time was usually part of the group that worked on logic for finding best times between neighborhoods.

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