About Me

As a full stack developer, I love working with people that believe in where they are going, even though they may not know precisely how to get there. I surround myself with people that are stronger than me and I am always looking for the opportunity to be the "worst member in the band", as this is how I grow the most. Whichever team I am on, I can guarantee the culture will be together, forward-thinking, and alive.

GitHub Profile

Looking For

  • Provides opportunities for massive responsibility and growth
  • Values pair programming and mentorship by more senior engineers 
  • Company that provides me with an opportunity to fail 33-66% of the time, always reaching for the next milestone

Best At

  • Ruby / Rails
  • Front-End Design
  • Object Oriented Design
  • Test Driven Development
  • APIs
  • MVC Frameworks

Preferred Locations

  • Dallas, Texas
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Remote
  • San Jose, California
  • Seattle, Washington
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My Projects

Borrow My Carro


Marketplace for consumers to borrow or rent their personal vehicles

My Areas of Focus

Implemented a stellar UI/UX on the frond-end using MaterializeCSS and jQuery 



Helps visitors of Colorado find a more customized experience

My Areas of Focus

Implemented back-end Ruby design, cart implementation, ordering features, authentication, and authorization

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