About Me

I am a Front-End Developer with a love for creativity and design. A background in graphic design led me to pursue a career in developing where I've learned to love problem solving and learning new exciting things every day.   

GitHub Profile

Looking For

  • Front-end development
  • Creative working environment
  • Mentorship

Best At

  • React
  • Javascript/JQuery
  • UX/UI Design
  • TDD
  • Accessibility

Preferred Locations

  • Seattle, Washington
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My Projects

Movie Watcher


For this project we focused on pulling in API's and worked with Redux for the first time. 

My Areas of Focus

My areas of focus for this project were to understand Redux and to feel comfortable with digging in to an API to get the information I need.



Jet Fuel is a URL shortened application. This was our first project for the mod and also the first time building a backend. Jet Fuel allows users to shorten long url into nice and shorl ones they can store away and save. Each shortenrd URL can be stored in a unique folder that can store multiple URL'S. We can also track the usage and keep track of how popular URL's are compared to others through a 'visits' that keeps track of how many times a URL has been visited.

My Areas of Focus



This was my very first venture into Electron and i was incredibly happy with what my group and I came up with. During our final mod of Turing, we had the opportunity to explore a new framework, Electron. It is a fairly new framework with little documentation so we were all incredibly excited to build something with it. Knowing that we wanted to take full advantage of this framework we decided to do a menubar app.

My Areas of Focus

My group decided to build a speed reader. The idea is that you take extra time to read through documents when you’re eyes are having to shift right, so we decided to have an app that would take in any text document you wanted to read through and flash one word at a time in order to shorten the time it would have taken you to read the document. We kept our app pretty simple and used jQuery in our javaScript file. Because we kept our application simple we didn’t run into any major headaches during our project.

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