About Me

I am a front-end developer in my spare time, and an avid Colorado Rockies fan all the time. If you want to chat baseball or talk code, I am your guy. 

GitHub Profile

Looking For

  • Flexible hours to attend baseball games
  • Fun work environment with a kickass boss
  • A beautiful view of downtown Denver

Best At

  • React
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • HTML

Preferred Locations

  • Denver, Colorado
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My Projects

Movie Tracker


My partners and I built movie tracker using React, Redux and Router. A user is able to log into the application and select their favorite movies, and are able to view their favorite movies on a seperate page. 

My Areas of Focus

React, Redux, Router

Money Beetz



My Areas of Focus

Electron and getting back into React



This is the first project we built our own backend and deployed. We had some issues redirecting a user to a website using their unique short url, but we found out the mock data we seed had the same short url as another link, thus breaking the redirect. We also used jQuery for the first time in awhile - most of the projects we have been building have been in React, so no state with just jQuery - which made the problem solving pretty fun.

My Areas of Focus

Express and deploying it to Heroku and CircleCI.

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