About Me

I am interested in Technology and what it's possible applications can do to change up the monotony. Both from previous work experiences and looking ahead, I want to be able to learn more about Technology and be rewarded for finding applications in everyday life. I have a lot of experience with fixing old things and want to make a life out of creating and maintaining new things!

GitHub Profile

Looking For

  • Ruby on Rails development
  • React?! 
  • Knowledge / Learning
  • Mentorship

Best At

  • Ruby / Rails
  • Javascript / React
  • Rails database development
  • HTML5 / SCSS

Preferred Locations

  • Boulder, Colorado
  • Denver, Colorado
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My Projects

Rails Engine


This was a dive into APIs before APIs were a known thing to us. Project called for creating an api that would pass a given spec harness.

My Areas of Focus

Really liked learning the logic behind delivering JSON to a seperate app. 

Organizing the ActiveRecord Queries was alot of fun as well.

API Curious


First exploration into consuming an API and using JSON to build a page/app that didn't store the JSON items.

My Areas of Focus

Dabbled in Jquery land, had a blast.

Working with multiple POROs to temporarily save objects created with JSON data.

Started exploring the concepts of services, and how to get multiple sets of objects into a view ( later learned of presenters)



This was the front end component for the capstone project at Turing. Our group chose to persue Solidity and the Ethereum blockchain, in order to react with that we made a React.js front end. Solidity is a still very new and raw language, the foundation it is built on is blockchain technology that allows decentralized data to be stored and retrieved. 

At this stage of the project hosting on a public server such as DO or AWS just was not within the scope, and transaction times can be slow as everything must be recorded and encrypted to the underlying blockchain.


My Areas of Focus

My main area of focus was the React front end, figuring out Web3 as a package to interface with a completely new database / API type was a tough challenge. As was not being able to completely format the output from our Solidity contracts, this made parsing the data difficult at first. Using React as a front end and its ability to update components on state change made the project a lot of fun as we progressed and got data to display.

Quantified Self


This was an experiment with making a JS persistant web page without a back end. For this we used localStorage, and had to think way outside of our natural boxes as back-end students. The week was most beneficial at learning how to best use JS as a more object oriented language for breaking things down into easy to use modules. 

Week 2 of this project was taking what we had done and tearing it away to use a Node.js and Express.js API to serve as our back end. We were able to tear away exactly half of the functionality and use both, so the code base is left quite interesting and shows what can be done both with and without a more typical back end storing your data.

My Areas of Focus

This project came together almost entirely as a pair project Kyle and I, worked from about 10 to 12 each day weeks 1 and 2 and were left with this. 

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