About Me

I've always been a tech and science geek, but turned to development to create the tools I wanted to see in my past lives. My background in scientific research, tech journalism, and social media highlights my mix of logical thinking skills, group building dynamics, and a talent for written and verbal communication. I love a challenge and get excited for little puzzles, but also can be highly methodical, focused, and responsible.  On a team you'd see me be the one pushing to understand the client's problem, developing a clear path to iterate through the solution, using clean and well-tested code to maintain the existing codebase, and keeping strong communication among all the involved parties. I'd come to work having read about a new security flaw or working on a pet project, yet also be the one to support others in their goals. 

GitHub Profile

Looking For

  • A diverse team that shares common goals
  • Support to teach, grow, speak, lead
  • Mutually high expectations
  • Backend responsibilities: deployment, databases, services
  • Interesting work that leads to a new challenge every day

Best At

  • Clean implementations
  • Algorithmic thinking and problem decomposition
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Communication, both written and verbal
  • Building healthy group dynamics
  • Languages of choice: Ruby, Elixir, JS

Preferred Locations

  • Boulder, Colorado
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Remote
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My Projects

Genome Match Maker


Genome Match Maker consumes the 23 and Me API to match consumers who have had their genome profiled with researchers who are studying specific mutations to answer questions about human health and disease. There are over 1 million mutations sampled in the 23 and Me service, thus creating a large dataset to search and providing unique challenges. While only 23 and Me consumers can log in to my app as participants, anyone can create a mock researcher account. This app was created in about 9 days. 


My Areas of Focus

Create a complex database schema with polymorphic relationships and over 1 million rows

Optimize page loading with caching strategies

Write my own OAuth for the 23 and Me API and update access tokens using Redis to Go, Sidekiq, and Sidekiq-cron

Serve an internal API to verify validity of form data (the location "address" of the mutations) and provide AJAX-powered feedback of validity

gifs for good


A group project to implement an e-commerce web app. Our group sold "commit gifs" as a commodity, implementing Stripe for payment processing and AWS combined with Paperclip for image handling and storage. Ruby on Rails/PostegreSQL. 

My Areas of Focus

  • Integrating Stripe 
  • Database schema design 
  • Pagination, shopping cart and checkout, and admin order control 

Puts-Puts Golf (JavaScript)


One of the first JavaScript learning experiences at Turing is creating a browser game. My group chose mini golf for its collision detection challenge.

My Areas of Focus

  • Collision detection
  • JavaScript testing, including Sinon stubbing and spying 
  • A resuseable and clean method for level creation
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