About Me

I enjoy discovering new ways to solve complex problems while working with empathetic, driven and fun teams. I excel when working as part of a team in a fast paced challenging environment. I am looking for a team that will push me as a developer while solving relevant problems. 

GitHub Profile

Looking For

  • Ruby on Rails development
  • Workplace that supports mentorship and cooperative work
  • Interesting, driven team

Best At

  • Rails applications
  • TDD
  • RESTful APIs
  • Rails Database development
  • Working on teams

Preferred Locations

  • Boulder, Colorado
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Flexible
  • International
  • Remote
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My Projects

Cloney Island


Cloney Island was a group project where we replicated the functionalities of Kickstater while implementing a secure web application that supports multitenancy.

My Areas of Focus

My primary focus was implementing multitenancy and creating relationships between projects and the different permissions users had. 

Api Curious - Github


Api curious is a project where we authenticate with Github and consume their api to mimic the features of Github. It was a blast getting to poke around with the api and create something so unique. 

My Areas of Focus

Rails Engine


Rales Engine is a Rails API using Sales Engine data to serve up JSON. The API makes use of ActiveRecord relationships and methods to retrieve records and perform business analytics.

My Areas of Focus

Design the API following RESTful conventions while using TDD.



MentorSHIP is an app designed to help Turing students connect with mentors. This was a brown field project using React, Ruby on Rails, API connection and creating a new gem for the project.

My Areas of Focus

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