About Me

I'm excited to pursue a career in a collaborative and creative workplace that fosters learning and creativity as well as a place to grow by cultivating interpersonal relationships.  I am a full-stack developer looking for a career where I can use my skills to contribute and am encouraged to learn new ones. I highly enjoy taking on challenges and finding creative solutions to problems. To me software is about improving human interaction and delegating tasks efficiently so that users may get back to their lives quicker I have experience working in a an environment that delivered fully customized solutions to an end user using an Agile approach.

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Looking For

  • A collaborative workplace that fosters learning and creativity.
  • A workplace that emphasizes personal growth and cultivating interpersonal relationships
  • Somewhere to continue to learn and explore new strategies and skills

Best At

  • Ruby on Rails
  • JavaScript
  • API integration
  • Agile developlement

Preferred Locations

  • Austin, Texas
  • Boulder, Colorado
  • Denver, Colorado
  • International
  • San Diego, California
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My Projects

Playlist Planner


Playlist Planner is an app that allows you to create playlists using Spotify's API. A custom link can be shared with friends or event attendees through which others can suggest songs for the playlist. The playlist owner has the ability to approve (add the suggestion to the playlist) or decline the suggestions.

Playlist Planner gives you the ability to create collaborative playlists without giving up user control or information.

My Areas of Focus

I built a Rails app that uses Spotify's Oauth to access users account and their API for creating playlists and approving songs suggeseted/added by others.


Challenge: Granting users visitor access to private Spotify playlists while ensuring privacy and admin rights.

Tech Stack: Rails, Spotify API, Custom CSS

IdeaBox - 2.0


Note-taking Rails API app with CRUD and inline-editing. Uses AJAX for calls and JS for DOM manipulation. 

My Areas of Focus

Challenge: DOM manipulation without using JS frameworks. Relied on JS, jQuery, AJAX
Tech Stack: Tech Stack: Rails API, JavaScript, AJAX and jQuery

Jumper: Revenge of the Rex


Jumper: Revenge of the Rex is a 2D scrolling game based on the chrome offline dinosaur game with added features. It is a static page using raw JavaScript ES6, a little JQuery and is updated dynamically with WebSockets (through Firebase).

My Areas of Focus

 In this pair project I was responsible for sprite rendering and motion as well as collaborating to write game logic and pixel detection.
Tech Stack: JavaScript, ES6, HTML Canvas, Mocha

Rales Engine


Rails Engine is a RESTful API seeded with over 35k lines of CSV data returning 54 endpoints containing sales data and analysis.

Tech Stack: Rails, PostgreSQL, RSpec

My Areas of Focus

Building a clean RESTful API with advanced ActiveRecord and SQL queries.

Analysis of a large volume of imported CSV data 

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