About Me

As a back end developer I'm passionate about writing efficient code to create applications that help solve real world problems. Through previous roles, I have developed a strong understanding that there is always a customer that uses the product that you are building and serving that customer and satisfying their needs should be your primary goal. Having worked in roles where I led teams to improve systems and work more efficiently, I’ve developed a high level of process orientation and continuous improvement both personally and in team settings. I have excellent communication skills, and I'm effective at collaborating with multiple levels of an organization. I'm looking forward to joining a team that is passionate about delivering quality products, supports the long term vision of the company, and enjoys their time working to solve problems.

GitHub Profile

Looking For

  • Teams that focus on pair programming and collaboration
  • An emphasis on TDD
  • A focus on quality delivered products
  • Opportunities to continue to develop my programming skills

Best At

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Collaborating in pair or small groups
  • Managing projects
  • Test Driven Development

Preferred Locations

  • Denver, Colorado
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Seattle, Washington
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My Projects

Space Pirates : Destroyer


A paired project where we built a first person, 3D game with JavaScript. The player flies through space collecting points, while avoiding mines and turrets which shoot back at the player. In the advanced level, enemy fighters pursue and attack the player. A heads up display provides information on Health, Score, and Speed. There are four levels of play which include a Tutorial to assist new players in learning the controls. Graphics are rendered with a handwritten 3D engine. The p5 JavaScript library is used for sketching the custom 3D graphics. Mocha and Chai are used for testing.


My Areas of Focus

  • Problem solving while writing the 3D engine
  • Testing
  • Building out the Tutorial Level
  • Building out Level 1

Aberzombie and Fitch


A collaborative project where we built an ecommerce site focused on preparing shoppers for the "pending zombie apocalypse." The application was built with Ruby on Rails and styled with MaterializeCSS.

My Areas of Focus

  • CRUD functionality 
  • Testing 
  • Role-based authorization 
  • User authentication 
  • Implementing a Google Map to display a user's location as a "safe house" once they opt-in
    • Integrated the Geocoder Gem
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