About Me

Being around cars has taught me a great deal about what works and doesn't when it comes to performance. Many of those principles have proved valuable in developing software as well. I love new challenges and get a kick out of working with teams to produce the best product available. Life isn't worth living if its not lived to its fullest. 

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Looking For

  • - Organizations looking to improve how we interact with each other through technology and helping to break down barriers of communication.
  • - Organizations who are focused on environmental sustainability with respect to renewable energy.
  • - People who are willing to stand up to difficult challenges (both professional and otherwise).
  • - People who want to improve the world and help others realize their potential.

Best At

  • Communication across multiple teams
  • Rails development 
  • RSpec testing
  • Producing API's and consuming 3rd party API's when necessary
  • Database development
  • Finding resolutions for all teams involved

Preferred Locations

  • Boulder, Colorado
  • Denver, Colorado
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My Projects

First Unitarian Society of Denver


This is an app we're building to help the Immigration Justice Group at First Unitarian communicate.

Up until now they were primarily using Google Forums. Though this was suitable for a small number of people to use, as the group has grown it has lead to some pain points. Mainly with each new post any user on the forum gets a deluge of nested emails. This can make getting pertinent information difficult or outright impossible to find.

To solve this we have have implemented several tools to help with streamlining communication. We are standing up an internal API with some ajax so we can re-render the page in real time without needing a full refresh, like a chat app. We have also set up Sendgrid mailers. This is to alert members that new posts are available if they choose to get that notification.

We wanted to also bring as much of the app in house as possible. The group was concerned that anyone could look at or join the Google Forum that was in place. To solve this we choose to user bcrypt for authentication and simple permissions for authorization. This allows us to have a user sign up, be given a default role of "pending" and then, if an admin approves the new user, to be given a role of "registered". This means that a "pending" user can not see the forums or other sensitive information.

Out end goal is to have a site where users can post relevant information, have it easily searchable and make communicating the needs of the First Unitarian community much easier and more fluid. This is very much a work in progress but we are working with our community closely to make sure they are getting the value out of the app that they need.


My Areas of Focus

I ahve been primarily focused on the database and getting the information to the screen. I have also been working with the permissions to ensure that only selected users can see certain pages so the group can control authorization. 



Hyperlynx was a project a few former colleagues asked me to help with. It was a competition for Space X and Hyperloop to develop the braking system for the future HyperLoop transit system. This involved Working in Python, talking with Arduinos, and sending/receiving data from the linear actuators. The idea was to have the linear actuators increase downforce on the pod and allow the mechanical brakes to exert more pressure without locking up. This was a fantastic project to work on and the success of the team was exhilarating.  

My Areas of Focus

I was focused between helping the Arduinos talk to the linear actuators, doing some basic data logging, and trying to create an user interface with TKInter.



The project was originally called Cloney Island. We deployed to AWS and renamed it Vicarious.li. This project was meant to try and recreate the functionality of KickStarter. This project is a Ruby on Rails web app storing data in a PostgreSQL database. Hosted on AWS EC2 with HTTPS provided by the beautiful folks at Let's Encrypt. Some images come from unsplash, but custom ones are handled with a mix of Paperclip + AWS S3. The site is styled via heavily modified bootstrap and some custom jQuery/Ajax magic.

My Areas of Focus

For this project I was tasked with implementing the database structure, setting up Twillio Two-Factor Authentication, and basic functionality. 

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